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A person with unique experience and competences will be invited for an interview, even if his resume is written on a napkin. But in order to increase the chance of winning the fight for the dream job, the quality of the resume comes to the fore.

Photos and contacts – business
Photo in the resume will always be a plus, even if the position does not involve communication with people. The photo will make the resume personalized: it is easier to notice, and the response from the photo is more difficult to miss or delete. But you need to choose a portrait for a resume critically: an unsuccessful photo can spoil everything. Best suited professional portrait photo, business and neutral.


In the section “Contacts” pay attention to the mailbox – it must correspond to the professional status.

Some applicants specify their home address in the resume up to a specific apartment. It is enough to specify the city and / or the nearest metro.

If you are not a novice specialist, then experience is the main part of a resume. Approach this section with special care.

Avoid common phrases like “was the most hardworking employee of the department” – this is an opinion that can not be verified, so it is not interesting to the employer. But “became the best employee of the department for the year” – a useful line.

All educational courses listed in the summary should be related to professional activities. It is better to miss something than to add questionable certificates, for example, on massage courses, if this knowledge is not needed at work.

Key skills
Many applicants completely ignore this section, but in vain: often it is here that the recruiter looks after becoming acquainted with the experience and education of the candidate. Key skills are specific knowledge and skills related directly to work processes. For lawyers, this can be “Arbitration Courts” and “Corporate Law”, for a logistics manager – “Work with customs authorities”, for a financier – “Statistical analysis” and “Budgeting” and so on.

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About me
Often job seekers confuse skills with personality traits. So in the skills are “Responsibility” or “Punctuality.” We advise you to write about these qualities in the section “About Me” and avoid platitudes. Instead of “Responsibility” and “Punctuality” write “Conscientiously treat tasks” and “Always keep within the promised deadlines”. The essence of this will not change, but the wording will be remembered.

In some cases, you can specify personal qualities that are not directly related to the profession – it can be a good physical shape or sporting achievements. All the same applies to achievements in the intellectual sphere. If you are a city chess champion or won a programming contest, this is interesting. If you just enjoy reading, then no. Add only what helps to get work.

Insert word markers into your resume that a recruiter can find him through a search. For example, if you are a marketer, then your resume may contain the words: SWOT-analysis, Google-analytics, Google AdWords, etc.

Think about what keywords are related to your profession, presenting what terms the recruiter will use when searching for a resume. Use information from jobs that interest you.

Resume Check
When the work is finished, we advise you to carefully go through the text two or three times, correcting errors and editing not very successful phrases. Mistakes in the headlines, company names and positions are especially alarming the employer.

If you want to show a resume to someone else, choose a person with experience as a recruiter – otherwise you are guaranteed to get a lot of unnecessary advice. If you are considering several different positions — for example, a sales manager and a sales manager, make two different resumes.

Remember: each profession has its own characteristics. The differences between the “subcultures” of different professions do not allow making the only correct instruction for all. We have collected only general tips that apply to all applicants.